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For questions regarding a request, please check the Plans & Public Works main page for specific number related to your request, or if you're not sure call 831.646.3462 during business hours. For non-business hours call the 24 hour non-emergency service 831.646.3914. (Police)
Service Number:    

   Use this form for:

    Abandoned Vehicle/Bicycle   Parking Enforcement
  Camp Roberts Service Request Playground Equipment
  Curb Repair Potholes
  Custodial Problem Presidio of Monterey Service Request
  Damage to Sign Sidewalk Maintenance
  Dead Animal on street/in park Storm Drain Problem
  Debris Box Encroachment Street Light
  DLI Project Street Opening Activity Without Permit
  Driveway/Sidewalk Permit Street Opening Permit
  Encroachment Permit Street or Road Pothole
  Facilities Inspection Street/Curb Striping New or Faded
  Fire Hydrant Traffic Signal Problem (non-emergency)
  Graffiti Tree Problem
  Hansen Issue Utility Repairs
  Harbor/Marina Service Request Water in Street
  Illegal Dumping Yard Waste Collection
  Illegal Dumping in Storm Drains Miscellaneous
  Litter Control Streets & Sidewalks  

Required information to start a service request:
Type of problem
or request, description of problem, and address or location where service is being requested.
Personal information including name, address, phone number, and email address of the applicant or person requesting service.

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